Online Counselling

(also known as teletherapy, e-therapy, e-counselling, telepsychotherapy)

Photo source: Unsplash, Andrew Neel

My online counselling services aim to provide you the support and space to understand and to better manage feelings of distress and difficult life challenges. It is also to increase your resilience and allow new practices, healing and growth to emerge. The online counselling, which is via videoconferencing, deliver the same value and quality experience you would expect from an in-person session with me at the office.

Mental health services delivered by teleconferencing has grown over the years and more so recently as a result of the global pandemic. It is now an essential tool for delivering mental health care.  The efficacy of video teleconferencing is supported by a large body of research (see Fletcher et al., 2018, and Norwood et al., 2018).

I use a HIPAA compliant teletherapy platform called This means that your information is secure and encrypted during an online session. Once we have confirmed an appointment, I send you a link to meet via video on your computer, tablet, or phone. The website is easily accessible and no download is required.

Please contact me with your questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment.


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