What to Expect

ZR Counselling aims to support the local and expatriate communities to improve their overall well-being through professional counseling and psychotherapy services.

All of us need help from time to time to cope with obstacles, face challenges and to develop new ways of living fuller and richer lives. Using talk-therapy, we help you move forward in your life, whether that means coping with severe symptoms or getting through a temporarily difficult situation.

Taking the first step to seek help may be difficult but it may change your life in a positive way.  Contacting and meeting a professional counsellor who is empathetic and supportive can be an invaluable experience – it is seldom that we experience someone who truly listens to what we are saying.

Services Offered

  • Individual therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Online counselling
  • Workshops

What You Receive

An experienced and trained Counsellor helping others address and resolve a variety of personal concerns, in a compassionate and non judgemental environment.

Where to Start

The decision to start therapy can be a vulnerable time and can feel overwhelming. To help you make sense of the therapy process and feel a little at ease, please click the Getting Started button.

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